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US Dollar Index – 19th March 2009

The US dollar index continued its very bearish tone this morning, following on the mood for the US dollar as a result of the FED announcement yesterday evening, leaving the index with wide spread down bar which penetrated the support level at 84.35. In early...

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US Dollar Index – 18th March 2009

Yesterday’s down candle, with a deep upper wick merely served to reinforce the bearish momentum in the US dollar index, making this the sixth down day in a row. The index is now approaching the support area at 86, and with a move lower in...

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US Dollar Index – 16th March 2009

As suggested in Friday’s post last week, the US Dollar index is falling again in trading this morning, with a wide spread down candle which has now penetrated the 40 day moving average, adding further to the bearish tone in the index. It will be...

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