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Dollar Index Daily Chart – 18th March 2010

The US dollar index on the daily chart, continues to struggle in the 79 to 81 price region, as once again yesterday’s price action closed below all three short term moving averages, but with substantial clear water to the 200 day moving average below. This...

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US Dollar Index – 8th April 2009

Yesterday’s wide spread up bar closed well above both the 9 day and 14 day moving averages, but failed to have sufficient momentum to close above the significant resistance level now in place just ahead at 86.78 and above. For any move higher in the...

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Currency Options Trading – 8th April 2009

This week has proved to be particularly difficult so far in trading both the currency options market as well as the spot market, due partly to the lack of fundamental news on the economic calendar, and coupled with the long weekend ahead, with many traders...

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